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Posted at 5/30/2009 06:38:00 上午 in

Another color version

Count Dracula color finish

Count Dracula color start
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  1. It´s seems much darker than the sketchs.


  2. Thanks Eric! to see your reply I am very glad.

  3. I like his gaze... if he wouldn´t wear the "vampire costume", I would think that he is really evil anyway.

    On the other hand... he seems like a person who I meet... maybe he is the count dracula!
    Really good work!

  4. Amazing finished version!! I love the textures you gave it. A beautiful piece indeed.
    C ya!

  5. Thanks Lauchan for your comment!
    I try to show this kind of scenario:
    Old Count Dracula outside itself palace, a walk after dinner (Who know him to eat what is it?)

    Thanks Nico,This texture effect is one of my own brushes in PHOTOSHOP, I am glad you like it!:)

  6. Wow! I like both!

    It remind me the beast, from the beauty & the beast. He´s a sympathetic one.

  7. I never have words for your amazing work. You're a very complete artist. awesome piece

  8. Heeeheeeee :-))) yes sir, fantastic illustration, awesome work my friend!!! Superbe your lines and your color-work!!! Greats!!!

  9. Great job!

    See you