Salute to the master! 7 评论

Posted at 5/11/2009 08:59:00 上午 in

50's style robot is completed.

Search for memory, finally I understand the idea is how come. I watched the movie - "Le roi et l'oiseau" when I was a child. at the end of this film, the huge robot broke the birdcage, bird go free!

Let us remember this great name - Paul Grimault , grand master, I send you the highest salute!!

7 Responses to 'Salute to the master!'
  1. Great!


  3. Absolutely great! "Le Roi et L'Oiseau", a masterpiece of Paul Grimault in turn inspires another masterpiece!!!
    It is a work of extraordinary quality, Suhaitao.

  4. that's beautiful! you really captured the 50's film poster feel.

  5. AMAZINGGGGG grrrrrr, I just can repeat me all the times, your works are top nutch sir!!!! Love the composition, love the character and love the coulours!!! Do you work with photoshop only or also with corel painter? Congratulations my friend, this one is excellent!!!

  6. Tanks all for your reply!

    Grand, Paul Grimault left a deep impression on me!

    Robi, my friend, I only useed Photoshop, but I use it myself doing Special brush.

    If you need I will send it to you :D

  7. you're a genius I really really really love you're job I feel honored with you're visit :P This one is so cool XD cheers