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Posted at 4/29/2009 08:13:00 上午 in

Five star on CGTalk !

Beauty vs. Aliens. (click to see large image)
Future, The end of the world, the alien invasion of earth, Human face disaster! Female super killer was born, and the alien encounter...
What do you think will happen?

Finally finished! Thank you for all your comments!
hope you like it!

another vision:

Beauty vs. Aliens 15 评论

Posted at 4/17/2009 09:59:00 上午 in

For a color picture tutorial of the sketch, I'll soon finish it, a beauty vs aliens, very interesting theme!

color sketch

start color it.


Continue the work before(update 21/04)

Continue (update 22/04)

Continue (update 23/04)

A space worm 3 评论

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A space worm for GB game, possibly Earthworm Jim type of character with arms and legs.

This is the character of brings the creation pleasure for me. Obviously his build and Earth Jim is very similar, but he is in unique possession of slippery and the ice-cold skin explained that he is the typical cold blood creature! can this let you have the small loathing?

Caricature illustrator JASON SEILER 5 评论

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Very glad to know the caricature illustrator Jason Seiler, He is a talented artist. He drew fantastic those in The star of entertainment. Wow, excellent!

I have some work, they is here, He said in reply:

Casper, I checked out your site . . . very cool work, nice caricature work too!

©1995 Modern Sports magazine

©1995 Modern Sports magazine

I've put on his blog added to link, On the right of the link.

The GB character - MAX FORTNER 2 评论

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Max Fortner is a Surfer

This character name is Max Fortner, he is the game virtual role for concept design Galactic Bowling of Perpetual FX Creative. He is a surfer dude white male and a guy who very much the lady likes, is also a character which in this game most is worth deliberating! Completes his concept design is really has the enjoyment process very much!

The GB character - KENDRA KLEIN 3 评论

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KENDRA KLEIN aka “The Striking Beauty”

Kendra is one of 4 characters you can choose of the GB game, the kind of beautiful girl you could hate. finish it in a week.

This pretty character will let see her each person to remember movie star - Marilyn Monroe. The sexuality, the enthusiasm and a golden hair are she leave posterity's permanent impression. I hope for myself to be able by limited color and brushwork reproduction Illustration Master the writing Pin-up girl's glory in the illustration golden age !

my CGTalk CGPortfolio link:


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2007-08 years working in more than a year, GALACTIC BOWLING game project finally published at , this game is a project of Perpetual FX Creative . for more information please visit

My job is this game concept design of all characters (have 4 characters you can choose and 13 alien opponents). I like this job, it brings me lasting excited and happy!

I will show these character in here.