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Posted at 5/06/2009 01:42:00 上午 in

finish color work (dark metal)

finish color work (blue painted metal)

continue (update 2009 / 05 / 07)

continue (update 2009 / 05 / 06)

Unfinished works

The ongoing projects : Robot control by aliens, Down to earth...
I want to make it seem nostalgia, like the older 50's type movies style - "the day the earth stood still" :D

© 1951 Twentieth Century-Fox Film
8 Responses to '50's type Robot'
  1. Hi Su :-)!! I'm a fan of your work!! Amazing illustrations, love also your variety ^^!! Cheers my friend!!

  2. I want one of my own! I want to drive a giant robot designed by you.

  3. Hello robi~Wowow! my new friend! thanks for your comment!

    I immediately attracted by these beautiful works, They are cooooool !!

  4. Hey Eric! Haaaaa! Your word is very humor.
    thanks for your comment! your new works is excellent too!

  5. Fantastic piece Su!!! I love the robots and all those mechanical stuff man!! Like Mazinger, Macross Valkyries, etc., you know :P
    You have a huuuuge talent my friend!!

  6. Awesome man!!!!!!!
    Your GOOD!

    It's always a pleasure to look at your work.
    It's refreshing!!!!!!!!!

  7. this robot rock! I love the alien face, it´s so amazing!

  8. This is incredible, WAY TO GO! Awesome, awesome piece!