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Posted at 6/13/2009 10:28:00 上午 in

The finish work.

Finally completed, I feel very happy. My dear friend how do you think? Thank you for you to concentrate on my work!

to continue.

Project is still in progress, not finish.

I try to design this sketch of mag cover in last week, and I would like to make it look beautiful! like Alphonse Mucha's time Art Nouveau style.
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  1. I love the texture of this one, they look like stone :) great job

  2. What a subtlety that drawing!

    Very beautiful.

  3. Absolutely beautiful job my friend!!!!!

  4. Wow man. That's a reaally nice piece.

  5. i love it !!!

  6. aaah colours, an awesome ending. A big change for the stones :)

  7. Absolutely wonderful, indeed! Cheers my friend

  8. Su, thanks for the comment. It's a real honor getting a commendation from a genius like you! I can't believe how detailed and skilled you are at this. Your site is truly an inspiration!! Please keep in touch!


  9. A truly wonderful blog. I love your painting style. Really great looking work.

  10. YAHHUUHUUIII AMAZING work my frind, this is a master piece!!!! Love the girls, the colors, the composition, WOW ^____^!!!