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Sometimes, we are just amazed by how talented our peers can be, even get frustrated because of it. I feel like to say that my friend Dom is among those amazing people. However, he can never make me upset or frustrated; I’m just so proud of him! Dominic is absolutely outstanding. From the exaggeration and transfiguration of his caricature, you can sense his sophisticated skills, how he masters the subtle balance between authentic factors and artistic shaping. Of course, that’s not all Dom’s talent can do, besides being a caricaturist, he’s also a musician! A terrific bass player! Oh my…
Dom now lives in Montreal, Canada. As a top caricaturist, he’s good at applying all traditional and digital way to portray character. His clients include the Major League Baseball (MLB) New York and numerous magazines in Europe. We will recognize many familiar faces while going through his portfolio, from politician to pop singer. Dom did a great job on capturing and exaggerating their characteristics. I specifically asked Dom to provide me as many pictures as possible for my interview. The dimension of some pieces is even larger than the thumbnail Dom has posted on his own blog. Our target is to give readers a chance to get a closer look of all these wonderful creations of Dom’s.

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  2. Great Interview!
    I'm a 15 year old caricature/speed painting beginner and I would love for you to check out and follow my blog:
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