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Posted at 3/03/2010 07:00:00 上午 in

They are my good friend, so the process of create two caricature works for them is a pleasant, but I know that this way, I was a novice, so my friend, I am willing to listen to your comments :)

20 Responses to 'My German friends'
  1. A novice ? These caricatures looks masterfully !!
    Absolutely fantastic !!!
    Would like to see more :)

  2. Terrific works Su! You are a master on every field of the painting!

  3. A novice.... yeah...
    Simply amazing works!!.
    Congrats man!!


  5. Amazing!

  6. Wonderful!

  7. Holy crap !! OMG!! These are amazing. Love it. Skind textures are really good.

  8. Really amazing!!!!

  9. Awesome work! The lightning of the second is amazing!!!!

  10. amazing, really!

  11. Why have I never been here before?!?!?!? This is some of the best digital painting I've EVER seen! More of this please. I will be coming back a lot.


  12. Awesome pictures! Bravo... ;)

  13. Hello everyone! Thanx for your comments!Patrick,Eric,Nico,Moyse and Naill,you are my good friend! you are master of caricature too! you are my honor!

    ARI,pablo,Tenzin,Mike,Scott,ian and Jenea, you are my new friend,Thanx for your praise, that's my power of progressional!

  14. Awesome work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wow......Amazing works!

  16. These are brilliant - as someone said amongst the best around - congratulations. Wonderful work
    I'll be back !!!!

  17. Thanks a lot for your comment! Really appreciated! :)
    And of course, congratulations again for your great art and humorous sense of caricature.

  18. Novice??...Then it is even more impressive!!!
    Great work Su, bravo !

  19. Eargerly awaiting your next post now :-)

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