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Me knowing Jason is inevitable but also coincidental. Inevitable because since my blog was set up, Jason and I often comment on each other. Jason’s works are so popular, they naturally got my attention; and every time after I commented,Jason always would reply me politely within ten minutes or so (you could tell he spends a lot time on-line, considering we live in different time zones). The coincidental part is when Jason was featrued in the magazine “#3 LIVE YOUR LIFE” and introduced to German readers, I happened to be the one who draw cover art for that issue. After that, we both memorized each other by heart.
Among my peers and friends, Jason could be the one you envy the most. Just reached his 30s, he’s almost got everthing! His client including the most famous humor magazine in USA MAD Magazine, Time Magazine, New York Times,GOLF Magazine, Guitar Player, King, The Weekley Standard and Business Week. That’s a list packed with important publications, but his achievement is beyond that. In 2008 and 2009, his personal art books Caricature the Art of Jason Seiler and SEILER 2008-2009 are released. For Jason the year of 2009 is full of rewards, he finished a two hours tutorial DVD Sketching with Jason Seiler, and besides that he also instructed an on-line caricature course for Imaginism Studios! Also in 2009, he joined the Tim Burton’s hit feature film Alice in Wonderland as character artist with Bobby Chiu, the founder of Imaginism Studios. If you really know Jason and how endeavoring and efficient he is while doing this incredible amount of works, you will agree that he earn everything he own by himself.
To me, I don’t only admire Jason’s professional successes, but also his popularity in the cyber world! Ever since Jason and I exchanged blog link, my visits has rocketed! And eight out of ten visitors must have found my blog via Jason’s. Another proof, if you search “Jason Seiler” on engines like rapidshre or hotfile, Jason’s work collection such as Funny Caricatures will always pop up within second.

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See Jason Seiler Tutorial of Caricature

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  2. Thanks for sharing Jason's and Dominic's interview, questions were right on. And the 2 caricatures that you did when you were novice, are insanely mind blowing, thumbs up.

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