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Posted at 7/18/2009 10:06:00 上午 in

Butterfly creature.

Another ogre creature.
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  1. What a happy drawings!

    I love fairy´s flower like head and the ogre without horns. He remind me to Hellboy.

    I always enjoys of your work, Su.

  2. Beautiful choice of colors! The designs are amazing, and the textures and details of the ogre outstanding!!

  3. Love these, sooo much fun!!!

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  5. Awesome as usual. I think I'm in love with this butterfly XD the flower over her head is a really cool detail

  6. Hi Eric, Nico, Moyse, and Pupi, your comment is my power source! thanks so much!

  7. Thanks for your nice comment, I´m honored! :)
    Congratulations for your great work.

  8. Master Su, amazing illustrations my friend, yeeeeessssssss ^__^!! Love the characters and your colors, as always top nutch sir!!! «Chapeau», very inspiring and lovely :-))!!!

  9. i came to ur blog from ENrique's blog , n i see tht many wonderful people have already posted their thoughts,
    ur art speaks for itself , i'm very glad to have discovered ur work
    my compliments on such beautiful work

  10. another great set of pics! Really lovin that top one


  11. Thanks for all!
    Enrique, you are my IDOL!
    robi, «Chapeau» is good name for this work! :)
    thank abhishek for you high comment!
    GhettoFab,you are great artist!thanks for add link!

    Recently, I have some problems with this blog, If you can not post comments, please send an email to tell me, thank you!!!

  12. Magnificent drawings!
    I like very much the fairy (she reminds me a little Sky Doll of Barbucci and Canepa) and the ogre is brilliant, the expression and détails: perfect!
    Your work is always so good, it is a pleasure to visit your blog, Su.

  13. Absolutely awesome, the orge is quite funny and i love the rendering !!