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Posted at 8/05/2009 06:25:00 上午 in

a dealer.

The Butler 01.

The Butler 02.
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  1. some really great shapes and your line work is amazing!!

    love how expressive they are great post!!

  2. Always beautifull and consistent works.

  3. Nice sketches as usual :) I love the third one XD

  4. Wonderful line work, love the characters!

  5. The Butler01 is very funny
    Nice sketches !

  6. Wow, love the sketches. Master!

  7. Thanks all! very much!

    GhettoFab, I like your style! They are very very cool works! Keep it.

    Eric Zampieri, my friend, wish you all best!

    Pupi, thanks you each comments! this is my power :)

    Hey, Moyse, I writ see your new artbook!

    Grand, thanks you, yes! I wish they are full funny.

    Florian Satzinger, you are real master! my friend.

  8. Beautiful sketches and cool characters!!