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Posted at 7/08/2009 02:14:00 上午 in

Recent some works - Ogre Beast!

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  1. Ha ha. I want one for my backyard

  2. Nice, sign me up for one too. Except, I want mine to be trained to eat others and not me.

    Nice design.

  3. No words my friend... you rock man!!
    Cool as usual.

  4. Eric, my bro, unfortunately, I can not post message in your blog for your great work!

    Draw Monkey, Thank you for your continued follow my blog :)

    Nico, Your visit is always so pleasant!

  5. awesome as usual. I love the expression that you give to all your characters

  6. wow o wow! Mind blowingly great!!

  7. Great work you showing here, love your stile, added your blog to my linklist

  8. hi~nice to meet u~