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Posted at 4/07/2009 10:26:00 下午 in

Very glad to know the caricature illustrator Jason Seiler, He is a talented artist. He drew fantastic those in The star of entertainment. Wow, excellent!

I have some work, they is here, He said in reply:

Casper, I checked out your site . . . very cool work, nice caricature work too!

©1995 Modern Sports magazine

©1995 Modern Sports magazine

I've put on his blog added to link, On the right of the link.
5 Responses to 'Caricature illustrator JASON SEILER'
  1. Awesome work man!!!!!!!
    Nice renderings!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello Dominic Philibert

    thanks for your comments ! I like your caricature works, They are cool, very much!

  3. You have some amazing skills!!!!
    Your work is incredible!
    Keep me posted!!!!

  4. Love it! great lighting! very very nice!!