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Posted at 4/01/2009 05:53:00 上午 in

KENDRA KLEIN aka “The Striking Beauty”

Kendra is one of 4 characters you can choose of the GB game, the kind of beautiful girl you could hate. finish it in a week.

This pretty character will let see her each person to remember movie star - Marilyn Monroe. The sexuality, the enthusiasm and a golden hair are she leave posterity's permanent impression. I hope for myself to be able by limited color and brushwork reproduction Illustration Master the writing Pin-up girl's glory in the illustration golden age !

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  1. Nice work!
    I saw this on cgtalk forum.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Thx~ Pusha V for you link.

  3. tecnica muy limpia, y buen dibujo

    saludos raúl