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Posted at 4/17/2009 09:59:00 上午 in

For a color picture tutorial of the sketch, I'll soon finish it, a beauty vs aliens, very interesting theme!

color sketch

start color it.


Continue the work before(update 21/04)

Continue (update 22/04)

Continue (update 23/04)
15 Responses to 'Beauty vs. Aliens'
  1. Beautiful man!
    Love the girl's pose.
    The characters surrounding her are awesome!!!!!

  2. Amazing pieces!!! The sketches are really cool and the final babe with the color and the atmosphere rocks!!!! You are already added in my fav links man! Cheers.

  3. The finished version is PERFECT!!!!
    Waiting for the next piece!!
    C ya!

  4. fantástico arte!!!

  5. Thanks all for reply! Could soon finished it,
    I will post original size image over here.

  6. Hi, many, many thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments, my friend! And wow, you're a gifted artist, ideed. Love your work!

  7. amazing work! i like the work you did for Monkey as well; loved the tv show when i was a kid!

  8. Great work man!I like it very much.Could you add a link for me! Haitao!?

  9. Hey! You stopped by my portfolio on CGTalk. I just wanted to say that I'm really happy that I found your blog. I'll stress again that you are highly gifted! Your work is splashed with vivid color and imaginative realism. I look forward to new posts!

  10. Hey Xueguo, I like your style In the early, I am SU of Fantay mag, You are masters of potential, congratulations!



  11. Great!

  12. wow you're really awesome I love to see the process. Very cool

  13. 谢谢 海涛 我也加了!保持联系!

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  15. Extremely well done work!

    Too much to see and learn.