Design a logo of Big Mouth Crocodile 7 评论

Posted at 9/20/2010 08:15:00 下午 in

Design a logo Big Mouth Crocodile for a popular film magazine.
a new style vector logo :) use Adobe Illustrator.

The sketch of logo, a plan.

Using software to automatically converted into vector from sketch.

Manual reduction of the vector point, and correct errors.

start color.

add gray level.

the color of type used the gold.

add the gray expansion edge.

add the font, and finish.

Homage to my friend and art master Dean Yeagle 7 评论

Posted at 9/05/2010 04:50:00 上午 in

I tried to draw a Mandy, but I know that I can not do that anyway as Dean excellent Mandy !

I hope I can take this to homage to my friend and art master Dean Yeagle!

Thanks again for Dean, he gave the following comments to me :)
Dean Yeagle:
So for a critique - well, you just draw quite differently from me, so her body shape is very much heavier from the waist down, and her muscles and bones more apparent. And her face is rounder, with larger features overall. Your style reminds me of Alberto Ruiz.

Terrific 'caricature' of Mandy - thanks very much! As for your other caricatures, if you're just learning, you're learning very fast! They're just great.