Merry Christmas! 8 评论

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Dear friends, although not always see you, but I hope everyone all the best!

New Mascot Design! 4 评论

Posted at 12/03/2009 09:50:00 下午 in

New Mascot concept design.
he is a very cool bear, chinese is "kube",He has a square head, But, I'm not sure if you would like him...



Color Mascot.


Children's wall charts.

Key Chain.

Space Pirate concept 8 评论

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New concept design.

Armed Robots (step by step) 8 评论

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The new project 2 评论

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Funny frog + critter ° 5 评论

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My friends, I say sorry to you, everyone!
Because log in to this blog and published work has become very difficult of the recent.
My friends, I hope to see you here often, but I can not do! :(
blogspot URLs are being blocked in China and I want to log on is very difficult, I can only occasionally using a proxy server in order to preserve it.

Say sorry once again!

Funny frog.

Funny frog 2.

critter °

Travel the Discovery Land in Dalian 1 评论

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The Discovery Land Poster.

At the Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park.

The Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park.

At the entrance of the Discovery Land.

Float Tour.

Float Tour.

Float Tour.

Metal Work.


The Pirate.

Look, I found - legendary pirate treasure.

My hotdog.

Alien sand castle.

Recent characters works 02 8 评论

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a dealer.

The Butler 01.

The Butler 02.