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Master's and Me 9 评论

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The long time no update this blog, I must pass broken the firewall is really very troublesome.
But I miss you, my friends I know you in here, and My idol, those talented artists, and art master's!

The cartoon master Dean Yeagly send a Mandy sketch to me! OMG! I am so lucky!
And I returned a Mandy sketch to Dean.

This sketch gave cartoon masters Stephen Silver, for he had given me help!

These two works is a gift from my idol, Spanish comic artist Enrique Fernandez, send to me!

I send my sketch of little Dorothy to my idol.

The finish color work by me and Enrique Fernandez.

I gave The the genius cartoon artist, Florian Satzinger.

This is a cooperation works! by American artist and publisher Alberto Ruiz with me.

This is my sketch for Great Artist Alberto Ruiz .

I created the Pin-up girl for Mexican cartoonist Francisco Herrera! Thank for his great help to me. (to be continued)

Character Design of The Peter and the Wolf for Picture Book 6 评论

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Character Design of "The Peter and the Wolf" for Picture Book. :)
I wish they looks very Russian styles.

+ New Characters of "Ma Lan Hua"(The Magic Aster) from Chinese Classic Story

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Thanks to EXPOSE team! Your hard work means the CG artists of the world can easily exchange and learn! To appreciate and participate in EXPOSE each year has become a part of my life.