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Master's and Me 10 评论

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The long time no update this blog, I must pass broken the firewall is really very troublesome.
But I miss you, my friends I know you in here, and My idol, those talented artists, and art master's!

The cartoon master Dean Yeagly send a Mandy sketch to me! OMG! I am so lucky!
And I returned a Mandy sketch to Dean.

This sketch gave cartoon masters Stephen Silver, for he had given me help!

These two works is a gift from my idol, Spanish comic artist Enrique Fernandez, send to me!

I send my sketch of little Dorothy to my idol.

The finish color work by me and Enrique Fernandez.

I gave The the genius cartoon artist, Florian Satzinger.

This is a cooperation works! by American artist and publisher Alberto Ruiz with me.

This is my sketch for Great Artist Alberto Ruiz .

I created the Pin-up girl for Mexican cartoonist Francisco Herrera! Thank for his great help to me. (to be continued)

Character Design of The Peter and the Wolf for Picture Book 7 评论

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Character Design of "The Peter and the Wolf" for Picture Book. :)
I wish they looks very Russian styles.

+ New Characters of "Ma Lan Hua"(The Magic Aster) from Chinese Classic Story

Connect with EXPOSE 8 no 评论

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Thanks to EXPOSE team! Your hard work means the CG artists of the world can easily exchange and learn! To appreciate and participate in EXPOSE each year has become a part of my life.

Design a logo of Big Mouth Crocodile 6 评论

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Design a logo Big Mouth Crocodile for a popular film magazine.
a new style vector logo :) use Adobe Illustrator.

The sketch of logo, a plan.

Using software to automatically converted into vector from sketch.

Manual reduction of the vector point, and correct errors.

start color.

add gray level.

the color of type used the gold.

add the gray expansion edge.

add the font, and finish.