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Posted at 1/29/2010 06:19:00 下午 in

This is a classic story of part 2, I like this story from childhood, but I hope I can create a new Pinocchio, and already identified the character concept design of pinocchio,
start color it with Photoshop.

The final character concept of Pinocchio with color.

Illustration of picture book.

concept of front and side view of Pinocchio.


Just like a old photo of Pinocchio.

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5 Responses to 'The classic story of Pinocchio part2'
  1. I like it so much indeed!

    Specially the "old photo"

  2. Maan this is so nice. So much fun studying the pictures. Much love in the details! My Fav is Meister Gepetto:)

  3. This is fantastic, love it !!

  4. Excellent! You are a great master of the brush!