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Posted at 9/16/2009 10:31:00 下午 in

My friends, I say sorry to you, everyone!
Because log in to this blog and published work has become very difficult of the recent.
My friends, I hope to see you here often, but I can not do! :(
blogspot URLs are being blocked in China and I want to log on is very difficult, I can only occasionally using a proxy server in order to preserve it.

Say sorry once again!

Funny frog.

Funny frog 2.

critter °
4 Responses to 'Funny frog + critter °'
  1. Beautiful post as always! Hope all is well and sorry to hear about your bloggin troubles..

  2. Nice designs my friend!!! Cool to see your works again! All the best!

  3. haha nice frog. I hope things get better for bloguers in china so we can see your work more often :) I love that corny squirrel. cheers

  4. Very funny frog (It makes you want to eat her thighs ... hahaha)!
    Thank you to overcome your difficulties to surf the web to show us your work and hope that it will get better.